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TOPIC: Copyrights to pro-wrestling
[Raoni Warrior] Friday, June 21, 2013 11:31:13 AM 

Hello guys! I wonder if someone here can help me:

My name is Raoni Warrior and I am a pro-wrestler from Brazil. I’m also a big fan of Judas Priest, and I would like to use the music Breaking the Law in my entrance (maybe the original version, or the Motorhead cover, I don’t know…).

But the problem is: we’re still amateurs, there’s no significant money coming in, so we can’t just pay the copyrights just yet… to tell the truth, I don’t even know how we’re suppose to do it  :P

Do you know if there’s an e-mail or something where I can make an appeal for the band’s heart, to give me an OK to use the first seconds of the music in the shows and in youtube?


It’s a longshot, but you can’t blame me for trying, right? :)


Thanks guys
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