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TOPIC: EPITAPH (DVD, Blu-ray) Live in London 2012.05.26.
[Steve Forrest] Monday, June 03, 2013 11:22:11 AM 
The Epitaph dvd is good, but because of the video editing, the British Steel anniversary dvd from Hollywood Florida was better.  Epitaph has some visual effects that were just annoying more than anything else. Thankfully it's only during 4 or 5 songs, not the enitre concert. It was nice to see them play something from their best album, Rocka Rolla. One thing I did like about the Epitaph show was the way Rob intruduced some of the songs. His talking between songs was actually interesting. Another good thing about Epitaph (and Hollywood Fl 2010) was very little shots of the audience. I hate it when bands show the audience more than the band (like Iron Maiden always does)
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