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TOPIC: Will we finally get One Shot At Glory live?
[Screamin' Demon] Thursday, May 23, 2013 3:00:38 AM 
I was a bit disappointed I must say to find that despite all the fans requests, not just on the last poll but for a long time in the past, Judas Priest have still not given this monster its dignity by playing live. Even more so, during the last round of touring they introduced the show with Battle Hymn, yet instead of doing the sensible thing to follow though with the song, they launched into Rapid Fire. If I'd been a fan not following setlists regularly and heard this I'd have been really excited thinking I'd hear this song live for the first time, only to get pissed off by instead hearing it launch into Rapid Fire. Does anybody else feel really strongly about this song that it must be played live at last? It'd be the perfect concert opener. On a side note Death should be back in the set as it's a sort of must play.
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