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TOPIC: Best Priest album ever?
[guidogodoy] Tuesday, May 21, 2013 2:32:24 PM 
Wonderful. At least you can differentiate between songs and albums. There are threads for favorite songs.
So, am I to understand that you made a sepcific effort to disrespect the person who created this thread and simply posted whatever you wanted?

If so, I'll soon be flooding your "higher" thread with any sort of crap that comes to mind. After all, you were quite vague in the subject matter (as opposed to this thread that CLEARLY had a topic) on that thread.

You speak of "negativity" on this SITE (it isn't "side!!") and don't even realize that you are causing much of it by flooding every topic with whatever pops into your head. This is called SPAM and j'accuse!

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