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TOPIC: EPITAPH in theater. Did you like it?
[Trixi] Monday, May 20, 2013 8:43:28 AM 

The concert was fantastic, I wrote all my impressions of this show and I sent very nice pictures of Judas Priest on my topic: for really true fans with higher feelings, you can read it and you can write something about your impressions, if you want.
There were not so many fans, but it was a really good show and a really good mood in the cinema!!!
What do you think about realizing the Opera Nostradamus, into a big show on stage, it was planned by Glenn Tipton and Rob Halford, years ago, you can write something about, on my topic: Realize the Opera Nostradamus, or what do you think about the guitar legend Kenny Downing, if you want to bring K. K. Downing back to the Priest, you can vote with your positive message on my topic: K. K. Downing. You can read also 2 letters about my suggestions, on the topic: communicate with the band. We need your support! Your friend, Trixie

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