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TOPIC: Something pissing you off? Say it in here..
[Trixi] Sunday, May 12, 2013 10:54:28 AM 
 There´s a good place, to write only the negative things, the other sides must be without troubles or problems!

There are positive and negative messages about Nostradamus, this side is here to discuss something. This is a contention, that´s the way it is, one loves this album and one hates this album.

If I dislike an album, I wouldn´t buy it! I must repeat all the time the same, because you don´t read my messages correctly, I wrote it before on the Nostradamus side: GLENN TIPTON TRIED TO DO ANYTHING, HE LIKES TO EXPERIMENT AND IF IT WORKS, HE PUT IT ON AN ALBUM! That´s the way he always worked!

They would have produced this album, but they didn´t know there´s a partly condemnation.

I think they don´t regret this album and the band will like it. Judas Priest will try another style at the new album, but they don´t will change their style about the people which dislike this album, because GLENN COMPOSED EVERY ALBUM IN A DIFFERENT WAY!

They have produced this album, but they can´t see in the future, if the album will be a bestseller or not. Judas Priest wants positive critics and wants to be in the charts, love their fans and their albums, but the band and I won´t to quarrel about this and want respect your opinions. They made this album only to entertain you!

I wrote it already, you don´t must listen it, but you must respect this work and I would like to support the ideas of Judas Priest!

I would like to bring more fans on this side; this topic must explode about positive messages!  I want to continue and I want pull out all the stops!

I will remind you on the words of Rob: NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!


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