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TOPIC: Best Priest album ever?
[Trixi] Saturday, May 11, 2013 9:25:03 AM 
  I´m absolutely you´re meaning, choosing the best album is impossible, because there are some fans on the page they said not every album and song is perfect and Nostradamus is shit, but this is bullshit! I don´t say every album it´s the same but I love every album! I think I´m not the only one who has this meaning!

You can´t also express every feeling if you see the band on tour!

I have the same meaning like Judas Priest in the interviews!
Nostradamus is the greatest masterwork of all time!!!! You can´t compare it with the other albums, every album is great and has separate identifies.  Look on my topic Realize the Opera Nostradamus, there are many explanations about this wonderful album, also are much negative critics. I don´t like if somebody drag this album through the mire!

The Opera Nostradamus must be more supported, the album was successful, there are many fans for it, it is the most underrated album, but I and many of the fans on you tube think Rob Halford had outdone himself!

Besides, I like mostly listen songs, there were played not on every tour! The most powerful songs are The Sentinel, Heavy Duty, Love Bites, Revolution... and the most sensitive ballads are Angel, Before the Dawn, Prisoner of your depends on my  mood. Rob can show his hard and soft side as well, I like also his solo projects, but Judas Priest fits better to him.

Some people on this page don´t understand what I mean; I love all of Judas Priest and the band as complete artwork!


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