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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Trixi] Friday, May 10, 2013 9:06:43 AM 
 My topic is only a suggestion and idea of Rob and Glenn! I thought to myself what a fantastic plan of these guys. 

I think a real fan should promote this Opera, of course only if the fan likes this album, otherwise it´s never ever be possible to bring this extravagant Opera on stage!

The last word is not spoken, the management will have the last word and they will know already, what is good for their business or not, you can´t determine this decision, it´s up to the band.

I respect all the plans of Rob and Glenn and I want that they do and realize what they want to do!

You must not love this album, but I hate fans when they say it´s shit or something like that!!!!!!!!!!! Only the band decides, not you. I wanted only to reopen the plan and the idea of Rob and Glenn, only they are licensed for their productions, nobody else!

We need many sponsors, a big promotion and of course fans, for this show!

Many great musicals were produced in the past, but the problem is, for the classic fans is Heavy Metal to hard and for the Heavy Metal fans is Nostradamus to soft!

I respect all the songs, meanings and decisions of Judas Priest and Rob Halford, because I have absolutely their meanings, the will decide the right things, in the right time. I´m sure!

I would like to realize this Opera on stage, but if they don´t want to realize it, it doesn´t matter, I´m absolutely sure, they have reasons for it!

 I´m so enthusiastic and I love this band very much!

I would like to convince every fan to achieve this plan!

You don´t have to go to this show and you don´t have to hear this album, if you don´t like it!


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