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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Trixi] Thursday, May 09, 2013 12:16:51 PM 
 Glenn Tipton said: Each album have a different character, it is really a kind of stretched over the potential of Heavy Metal music. Every album has a separate identify and have a lot of impressions, it is successful.

The band wants to give on every album their best. It is an advanced music and it makes him feel free. Glenn always tries to expand the music.

Glenn said:  “We are always expanding, we use to try anything, some was scared about to experiment and many use the formal work, maybe they afraid for their career, we try to do and we attempt anything, to give metal more possibilities, we have open the door for a lot of other bands, we creating more room to working. “ The kids accepted the band plays in every tour the same guitar solos, that´s not right, Glenn said they have in every show other guitar solos, so he has fun on tour to improvise something.

Reporters ask all the time the same silly questions about the other styles. Rob can´t hear this anymore, that´s why he gives the microphone to Glenn. Glenn replies most of the questions. I don´t understand that some fans don´t respect the very hard work of Nostradamus! They didn´t understand what really good music is. It should be more supported! The interviewers talking all the time about the differences between the albums, instead of the high quality! I like the differences; it would be boring, if one song is like the other songs.

Glenn and Rob open the doors for more sophisticated, unadulterated and very British music with much creativity, in this worldwide spectrum of music.

Metal becomes more intellectually, if the lyrics and the music are written and composed on a higher level. Nostradamus is the greatest and the most fabulous work ever.

If we have only short versions of this album, the music would lose the strong intense and the powerful, mystery might which the album have. Rob choose for every album the best songs and lyrics, Rob and Glenn needs much time to realize an album like Nostradamus, otherwise it wouldn´t be so fantastic.

 Rob Halford has the best sound of his voice now, he can´t reach anymore the highest parts of his songs, but he has a full-blown voice now!  He has the best voice of all time now. 

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