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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Trixi] Thursday, May 09, 2013 6:55:08 AM 
  Shut up, I have no time for your childish messages and you have intermission now and for all time, I want to continue! This side is not for your silly messages, only for Nostradamus, Judas Priest and their fans!

Nostradamus it´s an advanced music, Heavy Metal makes him feel alive, it´s a combination between rock and classic, it isn´t a hit album. Glenn didn´t all the time things like Nostradamus, it is an enormous, huge experience of music, it gives me more power than anything else!

If you don´t have the ambition and the ability to fall into this dreamy, fascinated, incredible, terrifically, fantastically and imaginative kind of music, it´s a great pity, I´ll regret this.

I don´t want to hear only shrieking and grunt in a music. The content is much better than the cover.

You don´t try to hear this music, you must feel it deep inside your heart, this were the correct way to listen this artful music. You must go involved with this music. Rob said in the interview 1991, he will make something special in the year 2000 and this is happened, they are produced a worthwhile, an excellent and a brilliant album!

It tells a long story with sound, it´s an absolutely, sophisticated masterwork in his life and in the history of Heavy Metal, in the history of music as well! If you ever hear a classic song under 5 minutes, it isn´t possible, the really good classic songs are longer.

All I want is to defence the decisions of the band and what Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton decided! Rob Halford said maybe there´s a Nostradamus 2, maybe there is a show in an Opera House and he said never ever says never!

There must be a big and great finish, if the band one day retires! You can feel the soul of Nostradamus, if you hear this music. Glenn and Rob use to work very close together. Glenn said, he tries to make every album a little different and he wants to experiment. I think some people haven´t understanding the sense and meaning of this album and of the band, most of the fans love this album, but they don´t want to quarrel about this! Judas Priest is also beyond reproach! It is an advantage!

Rob said it is a concept album; I have never done it before. The longer the songs get, so much the better and artful they are. I can feel it deep inside and it burns in my heart! I´m really addicted to Judas Priest and I just can´t get enough!

Rob said I still have the passion, enthusiasm and energy for Heavy Metal!

Glenn said it is light, shadow, drama and emotion!

Kenny said it is a musical experience! All these guys are very proud of this realizing!

I asked myself, who bought all the Nostradamus albums, if they have no fans for it?????

I still never ever want to speak for all people and I will respect other polite, useful and sensible meanings about this! So long, Trixie

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