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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Trixi] Thursday, May 09, 2013 4:07:30 AM 
 Very good Tania and Boogi, I hope you don´t mean me! I´m always polite to you! If is someone not polite, I´m also not polite, that´s the way it is! The 5 poor “fans” are an ugly virus!

Yes I´m a BIGOT, only to Judas Priest and I´m very proud of it! But I hate all forms of racism and discriminations!

There are millions of Judas Priest fans, over 300 members on this FAN-side, only 5 “fans” which sending every time silly messages! Judas Priest won´t respect your stupid messages, you don´t have to taint this golden sides of Judas Priest!

Ozzy Osbourne would say F-ck you, if you don´t respect him! Where are your great postings? I think you haven´t never ever written things like this!

I´ve never ever said you must have a good meaning about this album, or you must go to this show, but if every fan is just like you the band were already retired! You are definitely not a real fan!

I don´t like to answer your questions anymore. In the future, you write to my bottom, unfortunately I can´t use them as toilet paper.

You are too coward to send something of your shit to the Priest, Judas Priest can relinquish of you, all mouth and no trousers! Don´t ruin these sides!!!!!!!!!!!  You are against everybody and everything, when I have time, I will regret you!



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