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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Trixi] Wednesday, May 08, 2013 3:22:56 PM 
 Rob and Glenn are very self – confident, they will decide things in the right time!

Rob wanted to do other things and when he came back, he had the full power to start with Judas Priest again.

Glenn said:” We always try to give our audience, we feel what they want. ”

Rob loves words; he is a very good lyricist as well, he soaks every word up! I soak every song, sound scream and tone up.

I don´t know, what´s going on with me when I´m listening this kind of music, but I don´t want to miss this ecstasy, it is a climax from the beginning to the end of a song. Rob has so much enthusiasm and creativity! He composed an album with so much power and intense! The music transmitted me so awesome feelings, I´ll never want to miss it.

If Turbo Lover isn´t a great song, why they play this song in every show? The voting`s are not all, but the fans give a feedback and the band decided things alone, on their own.

Rob`s voice must fits to the songs and a long and great album takes much time. Not every album has the same success. The different changes about other styles of music are in the development of the band very important. All the best and songs are over 3 minutes. There`s a lot of hard melodic songs, they are even better than the short versions; you can`t put long works into short songs. The band can show the advantage and make the feature of these artful songs, if their songs are longer, the full album becomes more intellectuality!

Rob has still the power, the enthusiasm and the energy. Glenn said, it´s light, shadow, drama, melody and emotions. Kenny said; it is a musical experience. Rob said:   ”We use to try anything. We are all taking risks and chances, it`s still now.
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