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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Trixi] Wednesday, May 08, 2013 12:50:07 PM 
  I don´t want to lose any thought and all I want is to enjoy the enthusiasm of Judas Priest, they have the power, the might, the inspiration to make every album to a highlight! I only want to describe my feelings. Every band has their own style and the band is interested about our meanings.
I would like to convince everybody for this fantastic plan and to bring it forward. The inspiration and the creativity must flow, nobody can stop this process.
The lyrics were aggressive and ambiguous in the past, but nowadays they tells us more stories, created in his mind; about himself, fantasies and mystical stories, Rob enjoys it. This is important and damned good, for instance “Lochness”, you can feel the powerful and mystical monster from the lake and you can feel the mysterious and Celtic highlands, if you hear this song.
I love Rob Halford not only as a star and Metal God, also as a human personality!

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