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TOPIC: Messages for the Band
[Trixi] Monday, May 06, 2013 2:05:53 PM 
 There must be a big and great (last) show with K. K. Downing! You can´t retire without this fabulous, fantastic, perfect, awesome, powerful and greatest guitarist, of the whole world and of all time! K. K. Downing and Glenn Tipton are perfectionists and they are the greatest and the most conscientious guitarists, with the most charisma, enthusiasm and power, I have ever heard and seen! It must be a reunion between K. K. Downing and Judas Priest!

Richie Faulkner is a good guitarist but he can´t replace Kenny´s perfection and his extremely, enormous, great and powerful charisma!

Kenny and Glenn do to complement each other and they worked perfect in a team.

Also another singer can´t replace Robert Halfords golden voice, his screams, his sight, his sound, his movements, his charisma, his enthusiasm, his power, his feelings, his words, his lyrics, his stories, his styles, his appeal, his passions, his emotions, his madness, his stormy wildness, his enormous energy, his charm, his artful singing, his sensitive feelings, his self –confident, his ecstasy, his inspirations, his creativity,  his intense light and might in his eyes and every single tone in his phenomenal works. He is the greatest singer of all time!

Rob Halford, K. K. Downing and Glenn Tipton are unique and they are the diamonds in the empire of Heavy Metal! Judas Priest are the founders of Heavy Metal and the band must to continue, the real fans were very grateful for this! This band is my absolutely shining example! I just can´t get enough, I´m addicted to this band, I love every single album and every wonderful statement in the interviews , some people of your homepage, can´t understand this and some of the “real” fans  don´t accept this very hard work of Nostradamus, I can´t understand this!

I love the way that Glenn Tipton always like to experiment, to stretch and expand the potential, he use to try anything  and he create melodies and new styles. Every album is an adventure and an experience. Glenn has the ambition and the ability to compose and create a sophisticated, unadulterated, advanced and highly developed music. For instance the mystical, fantastic and fabulous work of Nostradamus, to give Heavy Metal more opportunities and acceptability`s! It´s a very dreamy, fascinated, fantastically, incredible, fabulously, terrifically and imaginative kind of music. I would like to support your fantastic idea to realize this sometimes underestimated Opera one time. It is a combination between classic and Heavy Metal, I´ve never heard so an extraordinary music before, it is the absolutely intense, powerful, artful, mystical and mighty masterwork of this century, of all time! It burns deeply in my heart! Judas Priest can be very proud of it! Rob is an intellectually lyricist, he has a lot of impressions and Glenn is the most artful composer at a highest level, I have ever seen! I appreciate this and I´m absolutely your meaning!

Long live the godfathers and grandmasters of Judas Priest to the eternity; no one can replace this band now and in the future!  I wish you all the best for the future! God bless you!

Your faithfully and fanatic fan, Trixie 

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