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TOPIC: Movie "line" trivia...
[guidogodoy] Saturday, March 30, 2013 11:52:41 AM 
The language is one of the best parts! Ever read the novel? If you had, you'd have noticed that it is jam-packed with pseudo-Slavic words and phrases. Almost made Kubrick not make the movie at all. Thought movie-goers wouldn't understand it

Always interesting to me to see how he got around it. He'd mention a word such as "droogs" and then pull out to a wide shot of him and his three friends leaving no doubt as to what it meant. "Pain in the gulliver" (could mean stomach or head) but then uses it in another scene where he accuses his droogs of using the gulliver a bit too much. No doubt he meant "head."

Read the book when I was much younger. Never forgot it as it was so different from the movie. Alex was only 15 at the start of the novel.

Great film, great book.

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