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TOPIC: Your latest Priest purchase
[Budred] Sunday, January 27, 2013 2:29:22 AM 
I haven't forgotten anything. I went out of my way not to leave negative comments about you because of all the help.
You just persist on trying to provoke me. I respond and then it's all flipped on me. You guys make it out like I start this.
Lately my issues are you starting with me. Then you bring up all this stuff that isn't even going on anymore and then
others chime in. Screw it, I'll say and do whatever I want here and if people are offended then tough.

...for the world!!!.....Guido is not an idiot, I just call him that because I'm starting to hate him. I'll put that term to rest!

             ...what I won't do though is quit giving opinions, (on Priest) or anything else. I won't worry that negative comments about
             ...Priest or anything else bother anyone or not. And the fact the Priest is fading away before our eyes will not bother me at all.
             ...the fact that no one here can deal with it is hilarious. People, we all get old and fade away. It's life. It's real.
             ...It's happening now.

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