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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[Budred] Tuesday, January 22, 2013 6:05:08 PM 
You want to hear something funny. I just signed on while eating a package of Ore Cookies.(true)

Guido, seriously, enough. I think it's either you gotta have the last word or you just want to see if I'll blow up.
Really, I don't get it. I went back through my posts since Nov.2 and other than a comment at election time that led to nothing
the only issues I've had is with you and you started both of them. A lot of what you currently brought up is old behavior. The only
thing negative that I say about Priest other than the obvious age taking over thing is that I didn't think their last show was as good
as previous ones. As for the "Cleveland based band" that I like I haven't mentioned them by name since early December and only have mentioned
them when I was going to see them live or I was listening to them. So dude, get over yourself. "You" are building this into more than it needs to be.
The comment to Brian was sarcasm basically admitting what you said and you come up with 5 other things to gripe about. Do you really
think I care if I have friends here. I don't want friends anywhere on the internet. I've turned down at least 50 friend requests on facebook.
I have 149 subscibers on youtube and never solicted nor subscibed back to any of them. I've subscribed to about 7 pages. I got along
fine on "Hellyeah" and "That other band's site" and I got along just fine on last FM. This is the only place I have issues yet I keep plugging away.
I've changed the way I do nearly everything I do here and on the internet based on issues I have here. It teaches me. I really am just trying to
get along. Man get your last word in and let's stop. I'm sure the one's who aren't laughing at this are probably saying enough already.

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