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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[guidogodoy] Tuesday, January 22, 2013 1:16:39 PM 
No. Truth was already told. If you want to talk smack about a band, do it elsewhere. You got shitty seats? Too bad. Those of us where up front were fine and dandy.
Your problem? Cowardice. Bwian has a terminal level of it. Think anyone would EVER care to meet either of you? Nope. Many on this site have gone to concerts together. Exactly what I hoped when i first joined. I've made great friends here over the years. Have either of you?

Bud, as you strike me as more intelligent than Bwian who is thick as a brick. What do you want here? Pity? Check. Conversation? Check. Discussion of Priest? Ummmm. Speaking with people who share like interests? Ummmm. Promotion of the band? Ummmm. Tattoo worship? Forget it! I think yours willl soon appear on "People of Walmart." Howse 'bout THAT for reality? Who the HELL would put that on their skin?! Picasso? Van Gogh? El Greco? Bugs Bunny? Nope. Too mundane.

Hey, it's all good though. I think I can manage to live without your witty comments. I know, a struggle, but I shall survive.
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