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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[guidogodoy] Monday, January 21, 2013 5:20:40 PM 
Compadre, you are on the down side of pushing 50. I'm not far behind. Do you really think I have any interest in "tracking" you? As i said, i was a member of that site long before you knew it because of you. I am all for new bands and appreciate the comments of those who speak with passion about one band or another. THAT is when I joined MRH. Free site. Why not. If you've figured out who I am there than you'll know that I listen more than I post. Same as when I started here. Any thoughts that I joined a site just to see your actions there are silly. I could look at YouTube and find out more should I care. 

Do you think I care if you mention "the band I mention from Ohio" or by name?! Semantics. Also only to the blind who think that Bwian is anything but what he is ... a troll. Transparent as a box jelly.

Don't slag the band on their own damn free site! Not much to ask, is it?  Were I a troll, I would have been posting crap about how shitty MRH was on THEIR site. THEY have had little to no impact on Metal while Priest are gods. Result had I spoken my mind there? I would have gotten the boot, no doubt! Not in my nature to have ever done so but it would have been true. Same as you trying to post what you did here on the Q or MRH's site, imo.

I doubt that anyone has a problem with you posting things about your personal life here. To say that it is keeping the site alive is something else. I go on a trip, Bottom of the ocean, top of a mountain. I take hundreds of pix. One of the very few i always has the JP necklace. Throwback to a band and to people who have had a positive impact in my life. Nothing more.

Now let's ee that Priest Tahiti!


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