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TOPIC: Your latest Priest purchase
[guidogodoy] Monday, December 10, 2012 3:11:47 PM 
I am on the fence on this one. Just like I hate breaking the bootlegger's law of "share don't sell" I have gotten a few members here together here to buy a Priest bootleg that I know will never be shared otherwise. If such a boot were to EVER appear (achooooBitchCom), takes forever and a day and is edited as they always put some copyrighted materials in their tapings to keep them off the true bootleg sites that share.

While I'd never advocate an illegal download of this copyrighted material and certainly have NO lost love for Baxter, were I to buy it, it would be through Amazon. As I don't know who is getting what, at least I'd know that Amazon would take a big bite.

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