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TOPIC: CDs You Have Purchased Recently.
[Head banger] Saturday, November 17, 2012 6:28:38 AM 
every concert I have ever been to prohibits recording.  well except the privatly heald one in a field by a garage band that managed once to get a gig in a bar.  well, no at one metalica show they sold special tickets for recording, audio and video in a pit.  they did say you cant sell those.  probably didnt care if they were traded.  but any priest boots I have were recorded ilegaly. 

DC, BUD no, you dont own the worldwide rights, you own the right to have your copy.  Now if you lend it to a friend to listen to, whatever, its probably ilegal, certainly not enforcable and I wouldnt view it as wrong.  now if you and a friend agree to give each other a copy of every CD, and come up with a strategy to only buy one CD between the 2 of you (or 10 or thousands like the FTP services) well thats wrong.  but a loan.  I lent out metolagy to a kid I know.  he bought the whole priest colection that he could find.  that helped the band. 

DF, if this gets any higher brow, you may have to pluck your brows to stop them mixing with your hairline
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