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TOPIC: CDs You Have Purchased Recently.
[Head banger] Thursday, November 15, 2012 11:01:41 PM 
lets leave taxes out, because the government does very little with my money except fuck it all up.  your government has a similar record

but your arguments dont make sense to me.

The electric company has 3 costs. 
1. the wires to my house
2. the generating plant
3. the maintenance, fuel etc.

then I supose they have administration, managers, envelopes postage, dividends, etc

the first 2 you said are paid for, but they are amortized over a number of years.  the third is going to vary.

now on my bill, its actualy laid out this way, and its 3 companies, one to generate, one to transmit, and a third bills it all out.

compare that to say the 30th aniversary release of screaming, which I just bought.
the band recorded this 30 years ago.  minimal if any time spent touching it up.  the record company has some costs to print, market and distribute the disk.  Note I said I purchased the disk.  I did download Jugulator a while ago.  lost my original.

oh, and the copy protection, I have had one disc in over 10 years that windows media doesnt rip to the hard drive.  I dont do anything to defeat it.
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