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TOPIC: Rob Halford's singing posture
[Pepe2] Tuesday, October 02, 2012 11:10:01 PM 
 I was watching the Judas Priest DVD Live vengeance 82 and if you're reading this you already know it's a good, high energy level performance, BUT... watching it made me think about Rob Halford's current singing style. His voice is still the same, but his singing posture isn't. On Live vengeance DVD you can see Rob singing chin up and shoulders back, chest held high, and nowadays it seems he likes to sing in a leaning forwards posture. I'm not a singer myself and was wondering is there any "secret" in that. Rob of course is an unusual singer, so, an unusual singing posture kind of makes sense, but... could somebody who knows more about singing tell me a bit more about this...? 
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