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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[Budred] Sunday, September 23, 2012 10:24:04 AM 
Without going into detail my youthful indiscretions are known here. When I was twelve years old I met
this kid named "Duke" Donald Palmer. We started hanging out and after a couple of months he was like
"look what I stole from my mom". He had a pile of roaches and that was my first intro to that kind of thing.
After about a year of hanging together I started to notice a different side of this person. Kind of angry, and
wanting to vandalize things. Then it was theft. I was with him at a laundrymat and when we were leaving
he saw a purse on one of the benches inside the place and he grabbed it. We got to his house and he was
going through it and I was freaking out because I was never around anything like this before. Next thing
I know the cops are beating on the door and we were arrested. Thankfully this got me away from him because
in his early twenties he decided to rob someone and ended up killing two people. Two days ago the state
of Ohio executed him. It's kind of weird inside knowing I knew this person and could have went down the same
path. Wow! The bad thing is that he is the third person from my group of friends as a kid that has killed someone.
I'm glad I moved alot as a kid. I could have been involved in one of these.
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