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TOPIC: Something pissing you off? Say it in here..
[guidogodoy] Wednesday, August 29, 2012 1:02:14 AM 
Shame that this is how the once mighty Queensryche goes out. Fighting over the band name and the judge decides that both Tate and the rest of the band that kicked him out can continue to use the name. Brilliant! What gets me about that interview with Tate on TMS was that he didn't see it coming? He doesn't deny punching bandmates, kicking over drums and spitting on them but it is a surprise that they gave him the boot? Didn't notice when the other four formed a "side project" and played all Queensryche tunes? THAT wouldn't give someone a hint?

The first comment from a self-declared "lifelong fan" of Queensryche makes me appreciate Halford even more.

Whereas Tate didn't bother to come out to greet the fans at a small 1500+ venue, Rob plays a full show in Detroit, changes in the bus and STILL comes out to sign for the fans! All hail Rob and the boys! Metal GODS!

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