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[Budred] Saturday, May 05, 2012 6:25:54 PM 
"B-Boys Making With The Freak Freak"

...not gonna lie, I don't really care for the Beastie Boys but I like that song.
I think I have about 5 of their songs on my iPod.

Still sucks though if for no other reason than his age.

I had a scare about 4 years ago with my saliva gland (right side). I had calcium deposits causing stones
that would block the pathway of the gland. A couple of times my neck looked like it had a baseball stuck in it.
I developed a hard spot and had to have the gland removed and tested for cancer. About the same time I
saw pictures of Siskell (or Ebert)(forget which) some will know who I mean. He just had surgery because of this type of
cancer and his face and neck were f#cked. I was in tears for a couple of days thinking that this was my future and
would I rather be dead? I had the gland removed and the tests came back negative. I still think about it from time
to time especially when I read sh#t like this.
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