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TOPIC: Your latest Priest purchase
[guidogodoy] Thursday, May 03, 2012 8:27:00 PM 
While this should be in the "pissing you off" thread, my poster arrived from the UK today.

I swear, it looks like the mailmen were playing softball with it! I have never seen such a skinny poster-roll and it is literally bent in four places. US mail has "Damaged as arrived" stamped all over it but it is of little consolation. The poster is a mess. Had to literally cut it out of the package.

Of course I called the US contact ASAP to explain the problem and, like the mug, they said that they'd send another. We'll see how it goes. Crossing fingers as the poster-roll package is the thinnest I think money could buy. Thank YOU Backstreet Merch! I'll post again if you redeem yourself with the second attempt.

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