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TOPIC: Movie "line" trivia...
[guidogodoy] Wednesday, May 02, 2012 1:14:54 AM 
First, good rule to follow: always pay yourself first. That is why you transfer $ from your direct deposit (or whatever system you have) to a savings. You pay out of checking as most savings accts charge if you deduct too much from them in any given month. Paper statements now cost. Check yours. If not they are hitting you with fees every month. You should never pay them. EVER.

As for balancing a checking acct? You know my thoughts: outdated from MY time and silly. Know what is in your checking, transfer from savings to cover expenses and don't ever spend more than you can afford. True "safety" is to not write checks. You could put your $ into a no-load (ie. free + interest) mutual fund checking acct and make your $ work for you rather than wasting time trying to figure out how to balance a checkbook (which isn't brain science, it is just for old folks...older than me, obviously, as I have NEVER done it). SAFE would be to have a checkcard that backs you up if you write a contested check. Write a check and don't get the goods or like the service? You are on your own. 

The movie reference? No, couldn't be SpongeBob. Did he even make a movie? I've known what it was from the start. Just never seen it.

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