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TOPIC: Movie "line" trivia...
[guidogodoy] Wednesday, May 02, 2012 12:49:26 AM 
Debit card (Visa better than Mastercard in this country and most others). Just don't overspend. Never have to balance a checkbook again in your life. Honestly, I never understood this "balance a checkbook" business from the start. If you don't have it, don't spend it. Wish the country (now the world...except for China that now owns everything) followed that simple rule. 

If your bank charges any fee for a checkcard, change banks. There are plenty online. Keep some $ in a local bank for use of the ATM but auto-deposit into a savings acct that you use to transfer $ to a visa checking acct. It is safer that paying cash as Visa will back you up on a scam. Plus, all you do is review your purchases. Most banks charge for a paper statement. Go to online statement ASAP. Same diff. Just glance at it to make sure that the purchases you made are your own. Notify them if they are not. Simple as Sponge (Bob).

Wish I could convince my mother of the same thing. She likes paying cash for everything. Risky, IMO.

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