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TOPIC: Movie "line" trivia...
[guidogodoy] Tuesday, May 01, 2012 1:14:40 AM 
Curse you, vile woman! How am I ever going to see a Sponge Bob episode with no glasses? What, you wearing one lens of mine as a monocle?! 

I laugh at people who actually "balance a checkbook" in this day and age. Some of my elders still do it and, when questioned, only have found a few pennies difference in a lifetime. Auto pay, auto deduct. Always pay off the entire balance of a credit card.

Just setting up a few trips based on the credit card miles today, in fact. Just got the visa for Brazil and diving in the Cayman Isles is now in the works. Putting packs of gum on a credit card adds up! NEVER pay a minimum. Only buy what you can afford, pay in full and you'll benefit (if you like to travel).

Now give me back my cane! It has hidden compartments! LOL!!!!

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