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TOPIC: Moment Please...
[HELL BENT FOR JUDAS] Friday, March 30, 2012 11:54:57 AM 

                                             ABOUT MY  REFORM IDEAS!

   I just want to reform this english language section!  
               Why is so important the reform?
  1. Because i want to see much more JUDAS PRIEST fans here.
  2. I want an exciting,creative funny and stately noticeboard which keeps the good fame of the JUDAS PRIEST.
  3. I think some members insult others and offend the musicians of JUDAS PRIEST continously.
  4.Some members try to provocate others. It's boring and pathetic!
  5.Some monitorheads can't behave! They abuse others
(maybe this is their biggest orgasm!). This is a shame.
  6. I have a golden rules:    If you(especially Budred,JD DIAMOND("the wikipedia guy"),,Godoy with his/her lame body
and the horseheaded Spapad) behave well , I'll not "humiliate" them.
  7. I don't like the coward Godoy's clones.

            Don't forget this is a JUDAS PRIEST offical site!  CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THIS???
                                   JUST SAY A "petite" yes!
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