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TOPIC: Moment Please...
[HELL BENT FOR JUDAS] Wednesday, March 28, 2012 8:01:27 PM 

    I think everybody knows here, i am an "unambiguous" guy and  i say again WE MUST REFORM THIS NOTICEBOARD!

     About the members:    For example: I like VAILLANT,HELLRIDER,Brian Evans and others...

  But i have some problems with other cases 
             THE  SYMPTOMS OF THE PROBLEMS    For example;  
   I think  Budred("nu-fanboy"),JD DIAMOND(" wikipedia guy"),Godoy(with a beanpole body) and his/her mate the horseheaded SPAPAD are not modest and
   are not  polite with some members!                   
                   In my opinion they don't like-(the strangers (Lol)) some members especially the new ones.
                   I think they don't want the reform because in my opinion Budred/JD/Godoy(with lame jokes) and SPAPAD uses this board like their private site.
                                  BUT  I WANT TO SEE MUCH MORE JUDAS PRIEST  FANS ON THIS BOARD !    
   I will let you know my plan,conception,ideas and the roots of the problems.
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