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TOPIC: 2013 - Tour H A L F O R D band !?
[Head banger] Friday, March 02, 2012 8:01:29 PM 

So, I have dropped a few hints from time to time here, and got a few details wrong.

OK here is the facts.  I am a cub scout leader, and I was working with some of our venturers (older section 14-18 years old)

one of them to get an award finished needed to interview a public figure.  being a young metal head I sugested he get a metal person, rather than some local city council dick who wont say shit worth anything.

so he kicked a few names around, sent some requests and heard nothing.  so I sent a request thru a former member of this board and got a hold of Rob.  he gave 10 minutes to this kid, who was TOTALY STOKED. 

at the end he asked about the bands future plans, and rob said after this tour they would get the new album done and get richie integrated into it and get his imput.  they cant do most of that without being in studio.

since that is going to take so long, and priest MIGHT (not in any way confirmed) take a short tour with the new disk rob want the halford band out there.  so he approached Tim Owens about maybe doing a short tour.  in about a month they are anouncing a tour.  some of the dates will be sung by tim, but they are calling the band the rippers or something, not finalized yet. 

Watch out, because this is coming.  Rob is 99% sure that he is never doing another solo album and might pack in all the solo stuff, but for now to keep the music out there this is the idea.

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