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[guidogodoy] Tuesday, February 21, 2012 12:23:04 AM 
Shit, man. Sorry to avoid your question and I am sure that a native speaker could offer better help but, IMH non-native O, you need a VERB not a subject for a gramatically correct sentence. Just like the vid on "Verb" mentioned: a verb can question like "What is it?"

To extend that to your question, "What the fuck?" simply changes the word "fuck" to a more intensive form of "it" or something a tad harsher like "what the hell?" It is short for "What the fuck IS Hellrider smoking these days?" The key is the verb, not the subject. It is a shortened form of something like "What the fuck IS wrong?" The answer to your question will give you a direct object: "Hellrider is smoking bananas."

So, yes, you have a complete sentence as it stands. Even as a question. Ask a native speaker, though, to be sure. What the fuck do I know?
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