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[.] Thursday, February 16, 2012 11:29:44 PM 
 guido, how I pine for thee! 

If you are going that route, please take note of the following correction to the initial sentence structure:

"I believe what makes you think more about decline, rather than the way things naturally go (like the river meets the ocean and the mountains meet the sky), are all the photos and videos available today and your own memories combined with the ever looming recognition of your own mortality now that the wisdom of age is setting in. 
I don't care, I like Judas Priest declining or inclining. "

And it still makes no sense whatsoever.
It's still a runaway sentence but exponentially improved.

Wherever you inclinations lie, Budred, be assured that Priest isn't over the hill just yet. Well, not too terribly over the hill. 
I think. 
But I may be wrong. 
"What say you?"
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