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[Deep Freeze] Monday, January 30, 2012 12:29:01 PM 
 You see?? THIS is what happens when I "go away". Spirited, lively argument. (*HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!) Oh my!  OK then, MY turn!!;

Haven't seen the tour. Decided that I would not, as (for ME) , it is NOT Priest. No KK, no Priest. No Rob, no Priest.... etc.  I stand by that. HOWEVER, I love, love LOVE the video, HRMG !!!  A really awesome effort! Is it "perfect"? , of course not! But, as mentioned, it does not have to be. Rob does sound pretty good from what I can make out on this video and, if that is indicative of the entire tour, I would say you are all getting your money's worth. SO glad to see that they are really "bringing it".

I figure those that have shelled out the money to see this tour are, by and large, very happy with what they are seeing and hearing. THAT makes me happy. They have not "mailed it in". They are giving it 100% and that is true professionalism. VERY cool.

This place has always had those that simply do not care for various aspects of the Band's performances. Even I have had my complaints about Rob's vocals. I remember VIVIDLY his performance in 1979 and I really don't think I could even compare it to ANYTHING he has done post-2005...BUT, he is far from "terrible". He has adapted to his age and abilities and he is a tremendous performer. There's just no argument about it.

At this point in my post, I would generally try to smooth things over with some diplomatic comments about being brethren and whatnot but, as I am not here all that much anymore, I really do not think I am qualified to mediate. (Probably never was!) Nonetheless, I send MUCH love to you all!!!!!!

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