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[Budred] Monday, January 30, 2012 4:19:48 AM 
Guido, you have helped me more than any person here so I am trying to watch what I write. You are posting
without reading or comprehending what I said. I didn't say anyone had to agree with me. I said I can't believe
no one can see what Jimmy see's in this band. I emphasized that I was referring to his last post. It wasn't about
this last tour, it was about what has happened to them since Rob's return. Those questions I asked in the other(?)
thread kind of summed up what he was saying in his last post here. THe other things you're trying to ridicule me
with hasn't been an issue in over a year. I only post in Web Police when it's something more about me than
something in other threads. I would rather do this than start new threads. Also, I had great seats, I'm not sure where
you guys got the shitty seat thing from. I having coffee right now and there is no crying going on and I don't think
this is bitchin'. Let's end this, it's getting out of hand.

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