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[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Sunday, January 29, 2012 3:43:53 PM 
You also have to remember that Budred was bitching about Priest BEFORE he even went to the Cleveland show. His mind was already made up. Hard to change someone's opinion when they already have decided that the band should retire. Yes, he had incredibly shitty seats and was getting a lot of distortion from the speakers. We had AWESOME seats and were able to hear Rob singing without the microphone during Breakin' The Law. My video proves that Bud has been listening to crappy vocalists for far too long and wouldn't know if someone is singing in key or not. Was Rob perfect? No, we never said he was at any show. But then again, I have NEVER heard a perfect vocal performance by anyone. Rob came damn close in Hammond and if anyone gets a bootleg or soundboard recording of that show, I WANT ONE!!!

So stop backtracking JJ and Budred. You come back now trying to rewrite what you originally said. You love to play the victims, don't you? You bitch about Priest and Rob and then when we come after you for your bullshit posts, you play the victims - oh, boo hoo, the diehard fans are so mean to me! Go have your pitty party somewhere else, I'm tired of it!

And I'm posting it again, because yeah, IT WAS THAT FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!

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