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[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, January 20, 2012 7:52:31 AM 
HOLT SHIT!!!!!    "THAT" was from the Cleveland show? The one that Budred is bitching about????????    FUCK!  That performance of Beyond the Realms Of Death is fucking awsome and no I'm not just saying this to be saying it,I'm not going to give Rob credit is he is struggling,at least on this song he kicks balls! 

And I'm paying attention to his vocals very close from just this youtube video,like it must of been so much clear ect....fuckin A,what a performance by Rob especially at 60 man. Budred....WTF?  I think Budred is just hearing something alltogether different in his brain because I'm hearing his voice never goes out or out of tune,fucking awsome thank you HRMG!!!! 

From what I've heard from past live shows,usually when he is on he is on the whole night. That Cleveland show must of fucking been incredible HRMG!

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