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[spapad] Saturday, January 14, 2012 3:54:52 PM 
Wow, that's a little harsh Jimmy. I was at the Hammond show and I've been going to shows since SFV tour. Rob was better at the Hammond show than I had ever heard him live.  His stage presence was just as good as the SFV and Deffenders years. Rob's never been a big mover and shaker. That show at Hammond was fabulous. The show the next night in Detroit did not disapoint either.   I think your assessment of guido enjoying rob taking a shit is just plain insulting, and probably meant to be that way. Your usual smart ass approach, but the proof was right there for all to hear that night and I hope they make it down your way so you may have to eat those words.  I'm sure you'd be glad to eat those words if you could get that kind of show.
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