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[jimmyjames] Saturday, January 07, 2012 10:44:28 PM 

Bollocks. The band has descended into irrelevance. The only people keen to hear what they come up with next are the core dozen or so people who regularly post on this site. The rest of the audience are just keen to hear the same old set they've been cranking out since 82. They are, I'm sad to say, a nostalgia act now and one that can't fill arenas at that. This is not a band at the top otf their game. Being able to play your set competently doesn't mean your at the top of your game. You would hope after 30 years they could do that with there eyes closed. When a band is at the top they are generating excitement among the fans. This band does not do that any more. They are trying to scrape every last cent out of it before they have to start wheeling the Metal God out there in a wheelchair.

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