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TOPIC: Judas Priest fanfics
[[email protected]] Thursday, January 05, 2012 12:01:59 AM 
 Hi my name is Chris  I'm 41 and well to say the least judas has been a huge part of my life right now I. Listening to hero hero. I met rob back many years at the airport in Vancouver.   I was on the escalator and he looked back And asked me a question.  .... I nearly shit myself.  Cause it  was rob!,,, my hero I would kill to be in phx and hang out for a beer  and chat........p,ease know that priest was the best thing in my life... I would do anything to meet them!,  victim of changes is still the best song ever.  .......god bles I hope I can c  u I. The world some time!,  you biggest fan ......hopefully ever!,,,,   Jp. The best!, rock on
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