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TOPIC: Epitaph Tour Concert Reviews
[Budred] Thursday, November 17, 2011 4:26:18 PM 
All I'm going to say is that there is a core group of people (about 6) that I do everything in
my power not to offend or get into a back and forth with. (I respect them)Three of them left posts
after mine that in my opinion sounded angry.  One had F**ing included in the post, another wondered
what planet I'm from and another just seemed to be joining the frenzy so how can I not take
that as angry. There was "these pseudo fans"  and "Never Satisfied" comments. I said that 14 out of 17
times they were amazing. That's never satisfied? I've seen them every time they hit this area since 1981
and bought every album they've released but because I thought this show lacked a little I'm a
pseudo fan.
 I didn't agree that they were that awesome but I didn't leave a single post referring
to any person who did. If you guys think it's just me I even had a private message telling me
they thought that it was funny that people get angry with me because my opinioned differed
from the others. I learned (thank you Jimmy) to not let myself get out of hand and almost
everything I do on here is tempered or thought out (usually) so as not to do what I did my first
year here. So I'm not going to do anything stupid. As negative as my post may be all I was saying
was that it wasn't what Priest has gotten me accustomed to over the years. I didn't say they sucked.
I didn't suggest anyone not go.

Edited at: Thursday, November 17, 2011 4:39:42 PM
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