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TOPIC: Epitaph Tour Concert Reviews
[Budred] Thursday, November 17, 2011 3:40:10 AM 
Man, some people sure do get angry when your opinion differs from them. If you guys think Priest
was that great then so be it. I said they were good, just not great. Everytime , minus the two described,
Priest has been amazing live. Right now I don't think that they were that amazing. I said Rob sounded good,
just not up to par with past performances. This is why I said they are picking the right time to go out. They can
still do it, just not as well. I also like the Priest "sound" and as good as Ritchie is, and I said he's fantastic, he
changes their sound. I didn't say he ruined it, just changes it, and I said that's a little tough for (me). I was on
the side with a perfect view and I was watching Rob intently. I don't think he was that great. I hated the way
they amplified his highs to improve them and I can't believe none of you noticed that. I'm used to negativity here
so I'm sure I'll get more. Sorry for giving my opinion. I guess if it's not candy coated you guys don't want to hear it.
I know what I've seen in the past and last night was not as good as that. Being my least favorite Priest doesn't
mean it sucked, it just means their best is behind them. Agree or not that's how I see it. I'll post more videos if
you guys want to see them. Peace!
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