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TOPIC: Epitaph Tour Concert Reviews
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Wednesday, November 16, 2011 6:10:54 PM 
From where I was sitting in Cleveland, second row absolute center seat, Rob was INCREDIBLE!!! His performance and energy were absolutely amazing. He is pouring absolutely everything he has into each and every show and for that I am absolutely grateful! I don't consider him to be struggling at all - he had some jaw dropping unbelievable highs in all 3 shows that I saw. Can he hit every single note in every single show? No, but can ANY SINGER????? NOOOOOOOOO!!! I've never seen a perfect show and I doubt that anyone has by ANY band. If you have ever tried to sing, you know that it is not easy to do and sometimes you just don't hit it right. Give Rob a fucking break already and think about all the incredible notes he did hit before you moan about the ones that he didn't. Think about the fact that he has been doing this longer than some singers who can't sing half their catalog anymore - Joe Elliot or Geoff Tate come to mind. Geoff has his keyboard player sing the high notes for him in case you didn't know and Geoff can no longer sing Take Hold of the Flame (my fav. Queensryche song). I give Rob all the props in the world for saying Fuck It and going out there and giving it everything he has - because other singers younger than him are avoiding the harder songs.

Rob, once again you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in this fans mind why you are THE METAL GOD!!!
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