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TOPIC: Epitaph Tour Concert Reviews
[Starbreaker287] Friday, October 28, 2011 3:06:13 PM 
Perpetual Period [.]

You are making an ass of yourself on this thread.  Anyone who had read my posts here can see that I mentioned how great the drummers for Thin Lizzy and BLS sounded.  Too bad you can't read past a 3rd grade level. 

I never said BLS was better, I just they were louder which I've never seen before, EVER.  I've never seen an opening act have more sound than the headliner.

All 3 drummers are really good drummers, just too bad you couldnt hear Scott worth shit.  The toms sounded really good, the snare, the bass drums, the hi-hats and crash cymbals sounded like ass.  The drums for Thin Lizzy and BLS sounded clear and were booming.  I dont understand how it could have been so bad at the Dallas show.

You are pathetic having to make shit up that I said instead of just sticking to what I wrote.  The only dickhead here on this thread is YOU, you stupid fuck.

This thread is for concert reviews, I'm glad to see others posting good news about the shows they went to. 

I called the Dallas show they way I saw it.  I know it makes your pussy hurt, but that's how I saw it.  Deal with it and go fuck yourself.

I stand by everything I said.
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