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TOPIC: Epitaph Tour Concert Reviews
[guitardude] Friday, October 21, 2011 7:37:24 PM 
Thank You Starbreaker.
Nice shot at the [.], whatever the hell that is??
I`ve thought the same thing about Blood Red Skies and the Terminator movies, but then Metal Gods describes those movies to a T !
My heyday in the clubs was from 87 thru 93, did do the old Broco Bowl though, that was awesome. But played a lot in Austin and Houston as well as a few places throughout Oklahoma and Louisiana. Dallas City Limits was a big place we did frequently in Big D.
I can`t say from my perspective that the band looked bored,  but they could`ve been better.  Rob and Glenn really didn`t have much interaction. Ritchie was into it, smiling most of the night!
Everyone has an off night, but it was still a great show.
I guess short of hovering over Scott and changing the mics out, may not have been much they could do.
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