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TOPIC: Epitaph Tour Concert Reviews
[Starbreaker287] Thursday, October 20, 2011 12:10:25 PM 
Maple Syrup, it pains me to have written this and it is sad to see the band going out like this.  I've seen other people complaining about the sound on Facebook but still being nice.  Judas Priest deserves respect but it seems like everyone just kisses their ass and no one has told them what they need to be told.  IMO this entire tour is a mistake.  They should have taken some time off.  Rob Halford never had any eye contact with anyone in the band and really, Glenn looked bored.  I really believe the guys are ready for it be over.  They look tired.  I went to say good-bye to favorite band and we did, me and some friends. 

Nostradamus bombed, so they release another live album, toured on British Steel and are now touring on The Chosen Few.  What the hell??

I thought the setlist was pretty good, just not executed well.  I can take the band looking tired etc but the sound?  A band with traditionally terrific sound and production has NO EXCUSE for poor sound.  Ever seen an opening band be louder than the Headliner?  I NEVER HAVE.

I dont believe the band doesnt have it anymore, I believe they do, I just believe they're tired and sick of each other, sick or touring and there may be some bad blood between some of the members, who knows.  I thought they were pretty good on Idol. 

This last tour sounds NOTHING like Touch of Evil Live or Live '98, NOTHING. 

I dont like writing these things and I'm stressing out over it as the band has been a part of my life since I was 11 years old, since I heard my uncle playing Hell Bent for Leather in his car and he was going on and on about this 'new band' he had discovered.  I bought Hell Bent for Leather and Van Halen with allowance money and quickly bought their older albums.  I was hooked on their sound and will forever be a Judas Priest fan.  Judas Priest is my favorite band all all time, the band and their music mean a lot to me.   I have many great memories with their music, concerts, have forged friendships, have covered several of their songs in bands I've been in (I play the drums). 

I really don't understand how the opening bands could have had such great sound and they didnt.  It's unexcusable.  There were a lot of people in my section that left, they left in the middle of the concert.  Stunning man, stunning.  I stayed until the last note, to wave goodbye.
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