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TOPIC: Ticket & Venue Information.
[Maple Syrup] Tuesday, September 20, 2011 9:55:18 AM 
sad day for Priest at the izod center in NJ - 11/18/11. Half of the arena is roped off and the stage has been moved up to the middle of the arena. i guess they are already anticipating poor tix sales and they are figuring the toal capacity at the show to be 8,000, if that. The arena holds 20,000. I am also hearing tix sales have been poor in detroit and other parts of the US. IMO JP has saturated the US market in recent years touring here every summer pretty much since 2006 and add in KK's departure and Priest will not be seeing the crowds in the US that have had in Europe and South America/Mexico on this Epitaph tour. The sun is surely setting here in the US for Priest. Time to wave goodbye one last time.

Maple Syrup
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