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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[guidogodoy] Friday, September 16, 2011 5:12:15 PM 
Hey, thanks gang! What a learning tool we have here at! HRMG, that is quite a formula! Wish I would have had it the night of the incident. Thanks to you too, HB.

Oddly enough, the Febreze worked pretty damn well. Had to give the carpet where the hound rolled around another soak but everything now has this lovely "spring breeze" smell to it. Dog included.

@ Bud. How about I soak YOU in gasoline for one minute, light you on fire and wait until you burn out naturally while Calvin and I watch from the pool. You might not live but I bet you'd be neat to watch. Especially at night. Perhaps kerosene as you'd burn brighter for the camera.
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